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About us

Eurowind is a symbol of pioneering experiments in wind power on the Polish market of renewable energy.

Eurowind invests in the area of wind and biogas energy. The energy from our investments contributes to the Polish power system. There are plans to expand into the area of solar energy.

In our activity, we embrace all the stages of the energy obtaining process, starting with the installation of measuring masts and conducting wind analyses, through planning and preparing the investment, providing the design and financial engineering, as well as the construction and management of wind farms, to energy trading.

Specific areas of activity are performed by special purpose companies assigned to particular projects.

The most significant events in the years of the group’s development were the completion of Lisewo I, Lisewo II and Łebcz wind power plants.

Eurowind stands for reliability, efficiency, stability and innovation. With these qualities, we are able to meet daily challenges while at the same time creating values important for future generations.