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The Board

The Eurowind team is young and consolidated, creating a friendly atmosphere both in and outside the workplace. It is a group of leaders who can actively influence and change their environment, thanks to their credibility, built on the foundation of professionalism, efficiency and corporate values. They consistently pursue the strategic goals of renewable energy project development.

Krzysztof RutteKrzysztof Rutte, Chairman of the Board of Eurowind Holding SA and a board member of portfolio companies, has extensive experience in managing commercial companies. He began his career as a power engineer in the Polish Power Grids, and then moved to the IT industry starting work for Computerland SA. In 1999 he was appointed Vice President of Computerland. He co-founded new business activities, including public utilities. For 4 years in a row, the team leading the IT business for the customers of "the Industrial Sector" was a champion in its category in Poland. He expanded his business experience by participating in professional training sessions in such institutions as Harvard Business School and The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania), as well as by being a member of the supervisory boards of many companies.

Since 2000, he has been present in the renewable energy industry, initially as an investor. Since 2005, he has been directly involved in the operating activities of Eurowind. The co-founder of Łebcz and Lisewo projects (a total of 21 turbines, 14MW). Krzysztof Rutte has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology

Boguslaw WalinskiBogusław Waliński
, Vice President of the Board of Eurowind Holding SA and a board member of portfolio companies, is one of the pioneers in the wind energy sector in Poland. He acquired valuable experience in the wind energy industry as a shareholder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Windvest Poland Ltd., the company which carried out the execution of the first commercial wind power project in Poland in Lisewo, as well as further investment in the industry.

Between 1996 and 1999, Mr. Waliński ran his own consulting company dealing with issues in the field of ecology. He collaborated with a group of experts in the field of ecology and energy law delegated by the Polish Senate, and lead many readings and lectures at conferences and business meetings. Between 2000-2008, as Chairman of the Board of Eurowind Services, he was directly involved in the development of the Eurowind Group. He was also a co-founder of the Łebcz and Lisewo projects (a total of 21 turbines, 14MW).
Boguslaw Waliński holds a Master's degree in history.


Magnus_RosenbckMagnus Rosenbäck, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eurowind Holding SA, has extensive knowledge and experience in the European wind energy industry. In 1995 he founded Eurowind, an independent energy company, which owns and operates wind parks in different European countries.

Between 1997 and 1999, he was the sole representative of the turbine manufacturer Enercon GmbH, in Nordic countries. He created and managed service and maintenance branches for Enercon in countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway. He also launched a wind turbine factory in the port city of Malmö (Kockums Industries), which now employs over 150 staff.

Between 2000 and 2007 he launched the Lilgrund Project (one of the world's largest off-shore projects with a capacity of 110MW), which was acquired by Vattenfall. Between 2003 and 2008 he developed projects in France, Italy, North Africa and Brazil, as Rose Capital SA - the main shareholder of the Eurowind Group in Poland.